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Decision Making using Critical Thinking Techniques Part 2 - Essay Example

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The steps that will be followed are: “1) define the problem; 2) determine the requirements that the solution to the problem…
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Decision Making using Critical Thinking Techniques Part 2
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Extract of sample "Decision Making using Critical Thinking Techniques Part 2"

Download file to see previous pages Department of Energy, 2001). The decision-making technique that will be used in this proposal will be the plus, minus and interesting technique (PMI). In using the PMI technique, it would be useful to make a three column table with the headings plus, minus and interesting (Mind Tools Ltd., n.d.). Under the plus column, one has to write all the positive aspects of the alternative. On the minus column, all the negative effects will be listed down. In the interesting column, the implications and possible outcomes, areas of uncertainty and areas which one thinks as either good or bad will be included.
There are several alternatives that one can choose from with regards to increasing the presence of the company. To address the expectation of government on the company with regards to giving support to the social needs of the people of Kava, one alternative is to design a health program for the coffee farmers and their families. To illustrate the PMI technique, a PMI Table is presented below.
Another alternative that one would like to propose and which will be evaluated using the PMI technique is to put up a store where there are plenty of foreigners residing or working because they are known to be coffee drinkers, such as the French and Americans. The PMI Table for this alternative is shown below.
After using the PMI technique and applying it in all the alternatives open to the company, one can decide on the best decision to be made, which will result in the achievement of their goal of increasing their presence in Kava. In this case, one does not have to choose only one alternative; it could be a combination of alternatives whose benefits more than outweigh the negative effects of the options available. One can see that the steps utilized in making the PMI tables are very useful indeed in coming up with the strategies that the company can implement to increase their presence in Kava. Identifying the pros, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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