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According to the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County (2012), globalization is defined as “the increasingly closer integration of countries and peoples of the world brought about by the enormous reduction of transportation and communication costs and the breakdown of…
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Business Ethics and Globalization Business Ethics and Globalization Describe at least three ethical issues resulting from globalization.
According to the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County (2012), globalization is defined as “the increasingly closer integration of countries and peoples of the world brought about by the enormous reduction of transportation and communication costs and the breakdown of barriers to the flow of goods, services, capital and knowledge” (par. 10). As such, the ethical issues resulting from globalization are: terrorism, disease, refugees, environmental problems, and rapid flow of capital (Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County, NJ, 2012, par. 11). Through the use of the internet, for instance, terrorist groups from various locations could send messages and seek support from other groups easily. Likewise, globalization increased the propensities for contracting increasingly difficult to cure illnesses from the rapid spread of virus due to the erosion of barriers and immediate access to vast modes of transportation. Finally, environmental problems become unprecendented, as a result of global activities (increased consumption of goods, need to dispose a magnanimous volume of wastes, and industries contributing to air, land and water pollution).
Explain the ethical risks and consequences associated with global business.
The ethical risks and consequences associated with global business include opting to outsource jobs where labor is cheaper and thereby contributes to unemployment in the local or domestic setting. Likewise, there are risks in environmental protection and preservation. As noted in the book written by Singer and Myers (2002) entitled One World: The Ethics of Globalization that emphasized increased incidences of global warming and climate change due to global activities of businesses and human actions. As stressed, “there is no acceptable ethical principle that allows the United States to continue to produce the amount of greenhouse gases that it does, let alone to continue to increase its output, which seems to be happening under the current arrangements, while this will cause significant disturbance and disruption to the lives of many people elsewhere in the world” (Singer & Myers: Remarks, 2002, par. 24 ).
Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County, NJ. (2012, April 8). Ethical Dilemmas of Globalization. Retrieved August 15, 2012, from
Singer, P., & Myers, J. (2002, October 29). One World: The Ethics of Globalization. Retrieved August 15, 2012, from Read More
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XMGT 216 / WK8 CHECKPOINT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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