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Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Portfolio - Essay Example

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The report presents a brief overview of some of the retailers in the shopping center.
Metrocenter is regarded as the Britain’s biggest…
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Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Portfolio
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Extract of sample "Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Portfolio"

Download file to see previous pages ess of the shopping malls all over the UK, the Metrocentre has been ranked 2nd in 2011 (Metrocentre 2012, Capital Shopping Centres 2012, Wood 2011, Capital Shopping Centres 2011).
Apple’s presence can also be seen in Metrocenter’s lower red mall. The company sells its products and applications to its customers through its retail shop. Apple faces less competition in the shopping center since its major competitors, like Samsung, Microsoft, Dell, etc. are not present in the mall (Metrocentre 2012).
Body shop is a world renowned fragrance seller and the company sells its products in different parts of the world. The company faces competition from other competitors like The Fragrance Shop (Metrocentre 2012).
Barclays bank offers cash withdrawal facility to the customers who visit Metrocenter. There is only one ATM point placed by Barclays in the shopping mall in the Upper Red Mall. The bank is in direct competition with Lloyds TSB as it has also placed its ATM machine in the mall (Metrocentre 2012).
Burger King, as the name suggests, is a burger expert which offers burgers in different varieties to its customers. Burger King is in direct competition with McDonald’s and KFC particularly. Moreover, it is in indirect competition with other restaurants operating in the mall. It is located in Lower Blue Mall (Metrocentre 2012).
Café Nova, which is engaged in the restaurant business, is also operating in the Metrocenter. The Café provides different food items and beverages to its customers. The competition faced by the Café is direct with other Cafés situated in the mall. Café Nova is located in Upper Green Mall (Metrocentre 2012).
Claire’s offer accessories for women and children, which also include jewelry items for ladies. The retail outlet of Claire’s is situated at Lower Blue Mall in the Metrocenter. Claire’s is in competition with competitor like Pandora and others operating in the mall (Metrocentre 2012).
Clarks is situated at Lower Red Mall in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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