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Enterprise Development Culture and Management - Essay Example

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The author of this essay entitled "Enterprise Development Culture and Management" casts light on the entrepreneurship issues. As the text has it, Sir Philip Green started his venturing and exposing himself to the business world seriously while he was at the age of 15 years…
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Enterprise Development Culture and Management
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Extract of sample "Enterprise Development Culture and Management"

What barriers did they overcome?
Initially while, at 12 years, his dad passed away, which may be, prompted him to come to the reality of life and start striving in life early for success (McMillan, 2011). In 1988 while being a manager in discount clothing stores, shareholders forced Sir Philip Green out of the office. Since, they blamed Sir Philip Green being liable for Amber Day’s dwindling profit levels. In addition, he experienced sale of department store chain Owen Owen and its 12 branches whereas under his ownership in 1990s.
What type of entrepreneur is this? Craft, serial, innovator, portfolio etc.
Sir Philip Green is a serial entrepreneur. Since, numerous of his ventures entail buying, developing and selling the firms, where he persists with the process. This is evident especially when he joined with his ally Tom Hunter and purchased sports retailer Olympus and later sold it to earn in £73 million (McMillan, 2011: pp.22).
What traits or personality traits have an entrepreneur?
Sir Philip Green’s traits or personalities encompass,
He possesses ability in scanning environment for available window opportunities.
Sir Philip is optimistic (Bridge, 2010: p. 80).
He has a third eye to recognize opportunities where others see none.
In every endeavor, he commits has a strong vision plus passion.
He is an excellent investor in every venture and sacrifices resources wisely.
Is this innovation, new venture creation, intrapreneurship, social entrepreneurship, etc.
The action entails taking an already dilapidating firm, which people have given up on it and developing it via the implementation of new or diverse strategies in the realization of its goals.
What entrepreneurial strategies were used?
Self-trust on the part of the entrepreneur.
The entrepreneur did not allow conventional wisdom from people to deterring him from improving the dilapidating firms.
He did not allow the adversity to define the outcome of a dilapidating firm.
Taking the initiative for every decision one makes to succeed.
There was meticulous scanning for competitors and the availability of new ideas meant for implementation (Katie, 2012: pp.22). Read More
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