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Learning about late adulthood - Essay Example

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Although different researchers have delved into the subject to come up with an anti-ageing process, there is no cure yet. Two theories that explain the…
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Learning about late adulthood
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Download file to see previous pages This paper evaluates the challenges of late adulthood, approaches of addressing each of the age related changes, and how each approach affect an individual’s quality of life.
Different changes occur in late adulthood that starts from sixty-five years and above. First, individuals undergo physical changes. One of the physical changes associated with late adulthood is wrinkles on the skin. Wrinkles form on the skin as it looses elasticity and collagen, which is a protein that forms the basic fibre of body tissue. The skin becomes dry, less flexible, and may have liver spots on the skin due to loss of subcutaneous fat. Secondly, persons in late adulthood undergo cognitive changes. Individuals speed to respond declines as the number of neurons decline in some parts of the brain. The space between the skull and the brain doubles the original size reducing the rate of sending neural impulses to the dendrite and resending them through the axon terminal. Additionally, fluid intelligence declines greatly but crystallised intelligence stay steady or increase. Thirdly, late adulthood comes with social-emotional changes. One of these changes includes withdrawal from the public who tend to seclude them due to in capabilities. Old people also retreat from the public because they tend to address them as little children. They may eventually get into depression.
Individual in old age can take various approaches to address late adulthood challenges. To address wrinkles on their skin, persons in late adulthood need to accept it and love themselves as they are. They also need to adopt a health living lifestyle and opt to eat lots of fruits and vegetables that will enhance how they look. Drinking a lot of clean water will enhance skin appearance and reduce the ageing process. Additionally, taking regular exercises will boost skin appearance. By adopting a healthy living lifestyle, persons in old age will keep themselves busy by joining gyms ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning about Late Adulthood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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