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Information systems management - Assignment Example

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This is made possible by the company’s high levels of innovativeness. The company seeks to maintain the popularity of its existing brands, expand them by creating new products under…
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Information systems management
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Extract of sample "Information systems management"

Information systems management What is P&G’s business strategy and how does it relate to collaboration? The company’s chief strategy is its ability to create and maintain new brands in the market. This is made possible by the company’s high levels of innovativeness. The company seeks to maintain the popularity of its existing brands, expand them by creating new products under these brands and also create entirely new brands. Brand creation and management being the company’s principal focus, there is so much need for collaboration between the managers, marketing sector and producers, as well as a lot of creativity and innovation to realize such a strategy (Bocij et al., 2008).
How is P&G using collaboration systems to realize its business strategy? List some technologies and collaborations used and their benefits.
Social networking and web 2.0 technologies are key to implementation of brand creation and management in P&G. Blogs are considered effective and better means of communication since they attract more readership and comments. The company also uses Microsoft’s communication suite that integrates instant messaging, web browsing, video conferencing and live meeting calendar management as a collaborative communication and data transmission strategy. These methods enhance faster decision making and easier access to and retrieval of information (Stair & Reynolds, 2012).
Compare P&G’s old and new strategies for writing and distributing information.
The previous means that were used in distributing information at P&G were not effective but rather time consuming and hectic. It was also time consuming to ensure all people got the information since it was all stored at one place. The current strategies are less time consuming and effective as multiple accesses to information stored at one place is made possible (Bocij et al., 2008).
For an executive member to print and stick reports to a notebook for storage so much time is consumed and the means is not even effective enough for decision making. It’s also not a good way of record keeping since retrieval of information is made difficult hence delaying decision making. The new strategies employed, therefore, are so crucial in ensuring faster decision making throughout the company’s activities.
How do smart grids differ from the current electricity infrastructure in the United States? 
The current electricity infrastructure in the United States differs so much from smart grills mainly because of technology adoption. Smart grills appreciate and apply technology so much in service delivery as opposed to the current infrastructure. This is evident in communicating with customers and integrating other service providers into the system (Stair & Reynolds, 2012).
For instance ensuring that consumption is regulated and consumers are constantly informed of how much energy they use is a new strategy that is not availed in the previous infrastructure. It also integrates technology so much, not only in management but also in marketing and monitoring.
What management, Organization and technology issues should be considered when developing a smart grid?
The main issues to be considered when developing smart grids include the flow of information within the grids and amongst the management. This should be made as effective as possible by use of reliable data communication systems. Of principal concern, also, is the automatic regulation on consumption for cost effectiveness (Bocij et al., 2008).
Consumer involvement and appreciation of the new strategy is also to be considered. The consumers’ needs should, therefore, be put at heart while developing the smart grids. Also of major concern should be how user friendly the technology will be, as concerns the interface and ease of access and use (Stair & Reynolds, 2012).
Bocij, P., Greasley, A., & Hickie, S. (2008). Business information systems: technology, development and management (4th ed.). Harlow, England: FT Prentice Hall.
Stair, R. M., & Reynolds, G. W. (2012). Principles of information systems (10th ed.). Boston, Mass.: Course Technology, Cengage Learning. Read More
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Information Systems Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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