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Project on Maritime transportation - Research Paper Example

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Furthermore, by the life experiencing nature that human have, it is possible to explore waters and make it more means of transport…
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Research project on Maritime transportation
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Extract of sample "Project on Maritime transportation"

Download file to see previous pages Primarily, this research project analyses the background, research problems, research objectives, literature review as well as shortcomings in the maritime transport.
In the late 1960’s, the air travel was most embraced way of travel to the oversea. However, there was a very slight change in the ships transport in the 1960’s.on contrary, efficient in the engine did improve the carrying capacity of the ships regarding the public lounges, deck space and the passenger staterooms as effect from 1950’ in, this ships did transport passengers pertaining their classes for instance, third, second and first class. Following this, passengers in first class were more luxurious as compared to those in the second and third class. Mostly, frequent transportation was from New York all the way to London. following this, the most known ships in the era of ocean liners were the Queen Mary, Carolina ,Ocean Monarch and the Laconia just to mention but a few.
Notably, the actual change did come in during 1960’s with the sell of 747s and other aircrafts all over the world. Besides, the “United States Federal Aviation Administration” established a global network of airport transportation. Following this, boat travel was not practical and economical since the rate of the jumbo had come into existence. Progressively, since passengers opted to travel with air, it was clear that the maritime transport could end. Apparently, the Love Boat decided to opt to the idea of luxury exploration, apart from the usual transport ability. Therefore, in order to revive this nature of maritime transport, the Love Boat made it more luxurious in order to capture the interest of those who wanted to travel in luxury or was going to vacation, and this was in influence by the year 1970s.
Following this, there was a growth in the cruise ship vocational travel in all social classes. Casinos, Ocean Viewers, Pools and onboard entertainment were all available on the cruise ships. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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