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Labor Issue - Essay Example

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Aftereffects of the recession of 2008 were not even completely mitigated, the threats of double dip recession due to Eurozone debt crisis, have put many of the other governments at the back foot. United States was one of the biggest victims of the global recession of 2008 and…
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Labor Issue
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Extract of sample "Labor Issue"

Download file to see previous pages The overall psyche of United States administrations is developed to cut off their budgets at all levels including federal, state, and local levels. One of the major actions that the administrations generally take being a quick step to cut the expenditures is the slashing of the jobs. This measure simply ends up in getting rid of the “excess fat” from the existing jobs. However, this step brings in more depression and disappointments especially among those who are the direct victims of such actions. The end results of laying offs can prove to be rather severe especially in those areas where there is no room for any dismissal, in fact, more personnel are required to fill the potentially vacant jobs. Laying offs may provide some temporary benefits to the administrations in short rum but in long run it can sabotage morale of the fired employees by and large.
In United States, there are many important departments, which operate their functions under local level administrations. These departments play a significant role in the normal day-to-day operations at the local city level. Policing department and firefighting service departments are some of those departments, which perform their operations under the direct supervision of the local administration. As mentioned above, currently US government at all levels is quite reluctant to boost its economic activities and due to this fact, all the administrations taking all the necessary steps to keep the expenditure level at its minimum. The fiscal budget of Detroit City is aimed at reducing the expenditure by some $250 million with the job cut of around 2,600 employees working in the local departments (FireRescue1, 2012). As far as the firefighting department of Detroit City is concerned, the administration has aimed to cut around $160 million, which is around 13% of the budget.
In the same way, the City Mayor of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Labor Issue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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Labor issue paper

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