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Little Big Man - Movie Review Example

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The film is based on Thomas Berger’s comic novel created in the year 1960. In addition, Little Big Man is a film about a Caucasian young man brought up by the Cheyenne’s…
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Little Big Man
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Extract of sample "Little Big Man"

Download file to see previous pages The movie contains some uncertainty. The character, Younger Bear’s search for success goes to the extent of making him a warrior who is contrary. The Younger Bear is a warrior who does everything in reverse except when he is battling. The contrary warrior dries his body with water after washing himself with dirt. He also rides his horse rearwards. The portrayal of the warrior as a contrarian depicts the need for people to be unique from the rest of the population. This contrarianism depicts the Younger Bear as one of the most fundamental component of the community. This duty makes the warrior perform every action in a different way than what is inevitable. In my opinion, the contrary warrior wishes to be different from other people.
The different behavior and the way of acting by the contrast warrior defy the norms in the society. This contradiction makes an observer feel like the Younger Bear’s society traditions are imprudent. Nonetheless, the contrary warrior has a responsibility of teaching others. He depicts the wrongs involved in doing things in a manner that is usual. Additionally, he illustrates how to do ordinary things in a way that is wrong. The contrary warrior also dresses in a different way from other people in the community. This is, time and again, improper or unusually extreme to dressing that is ordinary. For an individual to comprehend the community’s characteristics, he or she has to understand the essential role played by the contrary warrior.
The two spirit man, who contains the spirit of a man and a woman, is highly respected by the members of the tribe. The indigenous people have an enlightened view of the two spirit man. The portrayal of the two spirit man depicts him as containing two spirits that occupy his sole body. The two spirit man’s way of dressing that contains a mixture of male and female elements depict the active task he has in the community. In my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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