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Business Communications - Essay Example

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RasGas introduces itself as a company that owns its multinational workforce coming from 42 different nationalities (“Why RasGas”), develops and trains them to customize their skills as per the company’s needs, and provides them with a lifestyle of work-life balance. RasGas…
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Business Communications
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Download file to see previous pages RasGas offers a broad range of benefits to the potential applicants that include but are not limited to attractive salary package, free accommodation, and different kinds of insurances.
EMAAR introduces itself as a company that exposes its multinational employees belonging to 43 different nationalities (“Careers”) to new challenges that serve to enhance their own skills and facilitate their professional growth. EMAAR emphasizes upon recruiting only the very best employees from all over the world, as the company’s performance fundamentally relies upon the skills and competencies of its workforce. EMAAR presents its employees as individuals with exceptional skills and customer service abilities. EMAAR offers its employees training and development opportunities.
From the comparison of the two companies, it can be concluded that both companies encourage diversity in the workforce and provide them with training and development opportunities. However, RasGas expresses the benefits it offers its employees more overtly and explicitly as compared to EMAAR. One also gets to see the pictures of the employees of RasGas which are not available on the website of EMAAR. Overall, RasGas offers a clearer insight into the company for the potential applicants than ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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