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The three companies involved are Qatar Gas Company (QGC), Qatar Petroleum Company (QPC), and Ras Gas Company (RGC). 
The QGC employer introduced himself with his name and…
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July 22, Bob Smith Address: Ogden, UT    Comparisons between three companies  Dear Mr. Smith,  I have a report that highlights the differences between three companies that post jobs on the Internet. The three companies involved are Qatar Gas Company (QGC), Qatar Petroleum Company (QPC), and Ras Gas Company (RGC). 
The QGC employer introduced himself with his name and his position in the community followed by his achievements and goals. He is very confident in his companys employees. He also mentioned that his company is one of the largest gas companies in the Middle East. 
The QPC employer began with her name and then her social status. She preferred that employees were loyal to the company. She does not expect her employees to work so much but she said they are hard workers anyway. She encourages employees to come with new ideas so that the company can become the best in the industry. 
On the other hand, the RGC employer was a little different. He began by stating that the workplace atmosphere is important. As such, the focus of employees should be to work harder and be creative. He introduced himself as a good friend to his employees and that he tries to compromise in every situation. The success that the company has achieved already is due to the hard work that everybody puts in. He also makes his employees feel that the company belongs to everyone and that the company’s success is everyone’s success. Finally, he remarked that his company is one of the best companies in the nation. 
These three companies are the industry leaders in oil and gas in Qatar. The common theme among these companies is that each of them has become successful due to the hard work of their leaders. 
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