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Imperialism in Africa - Essay Example

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Since then Africa has been referred to as a failed continent with its people having no ability to spearhead the development of their continent. Currently, the majority of people are illiterate and lack basic…
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Imperialism in Africa
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Download file to see previous pages According to the leaders, their main aim was to provide for their ever-growing population. This was through looking for raw materials for their local industries which were running short of raw materials due to a high demand by the local people. European leaders planned to dominate and ease their population pressure through transferring their excess population to African countries (Hobson). This was not right because they never considered the existence of natives. This was the reason this decision failed as natives started agitating for their independence. As a result, all the population that was previously sent to the African countries returned back to Britain. In addition, although Europe developed for some decades that it occupied Africa, the growth was short-lived. This was because during 1950-1960s European countries were spending much of their effort and resources, trying to curb numerous rebellions that the local people were putting up. This was an indication that the plan that was drafted ignored the interest of the local people. The plan never considered any resistance that could be put up by the local society. Instead, they underrated the natives and ignored their effort as they considered them inferior and illiterate to fight for their territories. In the article, “African View of European Expansion,” the author portrays the views that African people had towards European expansion in their territories. Some chiefs collaborated with European countries for some small benefits that they received from the whites. As a result, Africans lost their fertile lands to the whites – an aspect that forced them to work as servants on whites’ farms where they were underpaid.
European countries’ imperialism aimed at supporting their economy through looking for markets for their own goods (Lugards). Companies, therefore, required ready markets for their goods as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Imperialism in Africa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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