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Foreign Assignment - Case Study Example

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International companies need to have a universal code of conduct, which will stipulate the organizational culture. This code of conduct…
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Foreign Assignment
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Extract of sample "Foreign Assignment"

Foreign Assignment and Business Ethics An international company has to ensure that its employees are protected from any form of discrimination when working in a foreign country. International companies need to have a universal code of conduct, which will stipulate the organizational culture. This code of conduct needs to be adhered to in all the branches of the company so as to ensure that every employee is comfortable at the workplace regardless of the placement (Scevola, 2009). In terms of advancement, the code of conduct will act as a guide to evaluate the employee on whether they should be promoted, and this will play a great role in eliminating discrimination due to the customs if the host country which may not favor an employee. This code of conduct ensures audit programs that assist in policy monitoring, review of employee treatment in terms of race, religion, opportunity and promotions. International companies should also ensure employees’ rights are protected, and compliance with the applied laws and regulations is upheld. Since employees are the most important resource in the company, they should have the right to; compensation, good working conditions, ethics and opportunities. An international company has the obligation of strictly prohibiting discrimination and employee harassment because of their color, gender, race, religion, and national origin, veteran’s status and sexual orientation
The bank violated sexual orientation as a moral code. This by posing young women as client attraction; they had five young and beautiful women working as secretaries and receptionists. They are situated at the entrance of the bank and required to wear a customary uniform that are colorful and sexy. In accordance to the bank, they should be social to clients and pose well in order to attract more customers without having to have women to attract more customers. This abused their sexuality as they were contradictory to the image of the financing business and they were also demeaning to the young ladies who were wearing them.
The bank’s decision to follow the norms of the host country is not correct or rather it is unfair since it violates the policies of international company laws. The host country discriminates against gender; the clients at the bank rarely go to Sara for assistance as they view her as a weak link at the business (Dunfee and Robertson, n.d). They do not understand how a woman can be in authority and rule over men, this makes Sara be viewed as assistance in order for business to run effectively. This affects the workers perception and attitude towards their work and denies woman the chance to be promoted and encounter new opportunities. Sara was always frustrated with her work and grew a negative attitude as she could not get a chance to contribute to the growth of the bank and be given a promotion or an opportunity to serve.
In order to resolve situations in which employees get offended, the internationals and their employees should have policies implemented and abide with the current ones in respect to the country employees work. They should have flexible operation measures and a code of conduct to guide their operations. The flexible operation measures will see the right decision made in regards to the situation at hand, and this will go a long way in improving the performance of the business despite the cultural differences (Scevola, 2009). The code of conduct will guide all the employees in their job, and it will ensure that ethics is applied in all undertakings of the business. The international companies should also ensure there is a medium which the employees use to forward complains and compliments (Budd, 2006). This medium gives them a chance to fight for their rights and address their grievances without being harassed or frustrated.
In this situation, Sara Strong requires more respect than the Mexican practices. Sara is a graduate with an MBA and dedicates her time and energy in serving the people of Mexico with a lot of respect and endurance though she is an American. Mexican practices are traditionally based as they viewed woman as a lesser person in society. Sara’s will to work and help the Mexican surpasses the Mexican practices of demeaning woman and morality requires respect for her. They are incompatible since the Mexican can hardly change their attitude towards women being in authority.
Budd, J. W. (2006). Employment with a Human Face: Balancing Efficiency, Equity, and Voice. New York: Cornell University Press
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Business. The Wharton School.
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Scevola, C. (2009). The Role of Ethics in International Business.
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Foreign Assignment Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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