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Things I Would Mostly Miss about US - Assignment Example

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This assignment presents the opinion of the author regarding moving abroad. The author tells what things he would most miss about the United States of America like the personal interaction, having advanced technology, efficient transport systems, US civil rights, etc…
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Things I Would Mostly Miss about US
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Extract of sample "Things I Would Mostly Miss about US"

Task Moving abroad Things I would mostly miss about US Unlike India, in American culture individuals do not have the urge to know everybody around them to personal level. I would mostly miss the personal interaction in US.
2) I would dearly miss having advanced technology that allows an individual virtually to do everything from a fixed place.
3) America has a state of art public infrastructure including better roads and offices. Therefore, I would mostly miss efficient transport systems that have no congestions.
4) Security with more advanced system that limits crime rate
5) There is crowd civilization in US in cases of demonstration when problems arise.
6) US citizen rights that are lost once you are in a foreign country.
7) General hygiene high standard levels maintained in US compared to India.
8) Weather that does not reach an extreme level as those experienced in India.
9) Living away from family and friends who have always been around will be hard.
10) Have American lifestyle that allows wearing of anything.
Exciting Things to Move to India
1) I would feel highly excited to learn Indians culture for better understanding of the people in the country.
2) Learn a new language from the native community during the assignment period.
3) It would be most interesting to develop international friends to improve personal and work profile.
4) Experience working with people from different cultures.
5) Get a large compensational package that comes with working on overseas.
6) Get promotional opportunities through posts available abroad.
7) Receive cheap medical cover from Indian medical centers compared to US.
8) Have an opportunity to expand business in the new territory.
9) Spend less due to Low cost of living in India.
10) Achieve goals by completing personal assignment (Santos, 2013).
Things to Fear in Moving to India
1) The thought of higher level of Insecurity when in India compared to when in US would scare me the most.
2) The fear of Natives’ hostility to any foreigner who they think they are after their resources.
3) Racial discrimination especially if the person moving can be easily distinguished from locals.
4) Infections from regional diseases like malaria.
5) Extremely hot weather conditions experienced in the country.
6) Lacking of proper medical system compared to what is present in US.
7) Having limited rights in doing/saying particular things in a foreign country compared to when in US.
8) Presence of Anti-Americans, pose a great danger to any American abroad.
9) Inability to achieve goals due to difficulties experienced in the country.
10) Have economic problems due to using the local currency or increased cost of living.
Santos, R. (2013). Moving Abroad: One Step at a time: real stories and advice to help you succeed. St Albans, Herts: Panoma Press. Read More
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(Things I Would Mostly Miss about US Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Things I Would Mostly Miss about US Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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