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Cricket company - Essay Example

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It is a subsidiary of the Leap Wireless Corporation, which is currently among the leading wireless providers in America. The Cricket Company utilizes the CDMA 1X and 1xEV-DO…
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Cricket company
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Extract of sample "Cricket company"

Task: Cricket Company This company began in 1999 as Cricket Wireless, to offer wireless services to in United s.It is a subsidiary of the Leap Wireless Corporation, which is currently among the leading wireless providers in America. The Cricket Company utilizes the CDMA 1X and 1xEV-DO in enhancing its wireless provision services to its clients. The first customer base for Cricket was in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Surprisingly, in the initial three months it was capable of attracting 2.8 percent of the market in Chattanooga. In fact, this motivated them to expand to Nashville advancing their investment opportunities. In 2005, it gave its customers the option of roaming outside their home market through “Travel Time”. Later in 2007, the Cricket Company did launch its EV-DO Wireless Broadband. Further, it expanded its wireless network to the Oklahoma state where it became a favorite for numerous wireless clients. Evidently, this illustrates that the Cricket Corporation has been able to acquire considerable success in expanding their customer base. Its expansion clearly highlights that they are producing impressive results.
Employee morale
Employee morale entails the attitudes, confidence and enthusiasm of an individual to perform a specific task. In numerous instances, the morale of a corporation is influenced from the management level down to the employees. Most successful corporations have decent if not attractive employee packages. Surely, morale can be the fuel that directs an organization towards its objective. Cricket Wireless success has been contributed substantially by their employee’s persistence (Cricket Corporate Website 1).
The corporation encourages innovation from their employees in enhancing their wireless service to a larger network of clients. The introduction of its wireless broadband services clearly indicates it promotes creativity and embraces new approaches of selling its service. As such, the firm actively engages its staff in the progress plans of the company that involve innovation and marketing the commodities of the corporation (Cricket Corporate Website 1). Empowering the staff is a primary ingredient for success especially in corporations in the technology business. These companies are dependent on the creative innovations of products and service delivery that their employees display.
Effectiveness of the Human Resource function in Cricket Corporation
According to Cricket Corporate Website (1), the cricket firm has a 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan that provides opportunity for employees to create savings for future. Several benefits come from the 401(k) plan, for instance, reducing the taxable income of the worker, receipt of company contributions. In addition, the employee can accumulate dividends and interest earnings from this savings structure. Essentially, this plan allows the employee to amounts proportional to 30% of their salaries (Cricket Corporate Website 1). The employer will additionally give 50% of the personal contributions of workers. However, the receipt of these contributions is viable only to staff that work for five years in the corporation.
In addition, Cricket wireless provides insurance coverage for their employees and has several packages that the employee can undertake. These insurance packages comprise Basic Life, Supplemental and Business Travel Accident coverage (Cricket Corporate Website 1). This insurance would provide financing for the employees families if the worker dies abruptly. It also considers the number of children that the employees have in designing their insurance plans. These employee incentives are some of the benefits that Cricket gives to motivate the employee’s performance.
The Human resource is effectively utilizing the talents and skills of its workers. This fact is emphasized by the continuous success of the corporation to reach the competitive levels it has as the seventh wireless provider. In 2009 the subscribers of the Cricket firm increased by 116,000 subscribers to attain a subscriber level of 4.65 million subscribers. These numbers grew significantly to 2011 to hit 7 million clients by mid 2011. Cricket Wireless has expanded its business interests to selling smart phones and online music. At present, they are caucusing on improving their business ventures to other interests other than internet provision (Cricket Corporate Website 1). This progress signifies the HR function is exhaustively utilizing the potential of its workforce.
Works Cited
Cricket Corporate Website. Cricket Employee Benefits Program. 2012. Web. 11 July 2012 Read More
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