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Environment for the cigarette and tobacco industry - Essay Example

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Marketing has long been dynamic in understanding human behaviors which leads to some elemental moves on how to actually satisfy consumer wants (Kotler, Armstrong, Saunders and Wong 23). This means marketing environment is very influential in promoting ideas and connecting to…
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Environment for the cigarette and tobacco industry
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Download file to see previous pages One could actually associate these with the influential marketing environment for the decline of cigarette and tobacco industry.
At this moment, it would be a good point for cigarette and tobacco industry to market its offerings by emphasizing benefits. If possible, the industry must contest the major negative health claims against smoking. If it seems this may impossible to initiate, social appeal might work best. Cigarette and tobacco industry has no other choice but to create a culture placing high value for smoking on a special case. For example, dynamic market segmentation may still apply for this. It might be possible to use renowned celebrities using bandwagon appeal just to be able to encourage certain or target market segments to smoke.
The long-term prospects for the industry are those markets with substantial culture for smoking. This means it should target societies where smoking has become essential part of living. In this case, challenging strategy to prevent customer erosion is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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