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The three universal truths about the Olympics are; the rarity of fall of the sales pitch below hyperbolic, skepticism of the public commentary, and critical analysis of the achievement of legacy. According to the Strategic Regeneration Framework, success of the Olympic Games…
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Summary analyses respons
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10 July Article Summary and Analysis The three universal truths about the Olympics are; the rarity of fall of the sales pitch below hyperbolic, skepticism of the public commentary, and critical analysis of the achievement of legacy. According to the Strategic Regeneration Framework, success of the Olympic Games depends upon the improvement in socioeconomic systems in the neighbor countries. The people and cash brought in by the Olympic Games reduce poverty and deprivation. The London Olympics reek a lot of public money only to spend on private sector. Many of the promises of increasing participation in sports and the opportunities for em0ployment have already turned out to be unfulfilled. The legacy has been privatized and the idea of public good has been forgotten. The Olympic legacy requires both the public and private sector’s participation to sustain. This will support those who do not pay their way, loss of a permanent athletics track, and making the folk who produce the sports clothing not the biggest winners in the Olympic Games.
The audience includes the organizers of Olympic Games as well as the universities having the regeneration gurus. The fundamental purpose of the article was to convey that the Olympic Games take a lot of public money and benefit only the private sector, thus causing little improvement in the socioeconomic conditions of the boroughs. The article is a criticism of the Olympic Games’ effectiveness in addressing their intended purposes. I personally agree to the author of the article because the flow of money in the Olympic Games has historically been from the public towards the private sector, while the noble objectives have been largely unachieved.
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“London 2012: keeping the Olympic spirit.” The Guardian. 29 Jan. 2012. Web. 10 July 2012.
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Summary Analyses Respons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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