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Only certain groups of people are entitled to specific medical care - Essay Example

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In USA, people get medical benefits only if they own medical insurance claims or pay for the treatment on their own. According to the health care reform law, it is mandatory for…
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Only certain groups of people are entitled to specific medical care
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Extract of sample "Only certain groups of people are entitled to specific medical care"

Download file to see previous pages A person can avail the services if he can pay for it but he cannot force any person to provide him the service even if he desperately needed it (Health Care Is Not a Right, 1993). So, it was only the rich and the affluent that could pay and avail the medical services. Unlike a hair cut service which is provided for free in USA, medical services had to be earned. To provide medical facilities to a person without paying was considered as charity. It was thought that if medical care became a right the quality of medical facilities and health care would deteriorate.
Before the health care reform became valid in USA, there were many loopholes in the health care system in USA. Life expectancy in USA was less than most of the other developed nations. The average spending on the medical facilities by an American often exceeded the other costs (Medical Care in the USA, 2012). People went bankrupt because of the high amount in the medical bills. Companies provided for medical insurance policies but often went beyond the profit margins of the company. According to a survey by the US census bureau, around 46.3 million American citizens remained uninsured in 2008. Health care expenditures reached $2.2 trillion in 2007 which was 16.2% of the US economy. 62.1% of all bankruptcies in USA in 2007 were related with medical bills. Despite of being the richest nation, it had the highest number of people suffering from cancer. With the passing of the health care reform act in 2010, there is hope of bringing in changes in the system.
On 23 March 2010, the Affordable Care Act in USA was upheld by the federal court and was declared a law. This was also propagated by the present president of USA. The law covered areas like providing insurance facilities to those without such claims or with a pre existing medical condition, reducing the spending on medical care, making health care facilities affordable for all Americans (, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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