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I have followed your periodicals for a couple of years and I am convinced that your work is of great benefit to the American population. However, I partially concur with the ideas presented by Keefe’s cartoon titled…
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Respons letter
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The Open Forum The Denver Post 101 W. Colfax Ave., Suite 600 Denver, CO 80202 Dear Editor Firstly, I commend you for your educative publications.I have followed your periodicals for a couple of years and I am convinced that your work is of great benefit to the American population. However, I partially concur with the ideas presented by Keefe’s cartoon titled “Higgs Boson” posted on 07/06/2012. I have a feeling that we need to examine the rationality of this cartoon critically; hence, this letter highlights my concerns on your post.
As a Native American citizen, I am familiar with the American lifestyle. Importantly, being a nursing student, I clearly understand the subject of obesity in America, the knowledge that I have accrued from my research works. As such, I credit the way Mike Keefe presented the challenge of Obesity among Americans. Indeed, as Keefe observes, large percentage of Obesity cases in America are related to lifestyle.
The “Higgs Boson” cartoon context indicates that the American Obesity is entirely attributable to the people’s poor feeding habit. I beg to differ with this assumption because the subject of obesity is of controversial implication hence generalized declarations do not respond to its concerns effectively. James & John (34), observes that obesity is caused by numerous factors and indeed, most of the factors that we undermine have a considerable influence. Surprisingly, Keffe disregards the idea of linking Obesity with genetic disorders. This is an irrational observation since James & John (157) identifies that a considerable number of American Obesity cases are genetic based. As such, we need to examine the issue of obesity critically and shun drawing generalized conclusions.
RE: Response to the post on Higgs Boson
The audience of this letter will be all individuals who accesses The Denver Post magazine. This is a diverse audience; therefore, I have used harmonized language to articulate my position. I expect my audience to understand the essence of according reasonable attention to the subject of obesity. However, I also expect that some readers may disagree with my position disregarding it as unreliable.
Work Cited
James, Larry C, and John C. Linton. Handbook of Obesity Intervention for the Lifespan. New
York, NY: Springer, 2009. Print Read More
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