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Comparison between the UN and NEPAD in the HIV/AIDS from the development view - Research Paper Example

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was found to have been the major cause of mortality by an infectious agent back in Africa back in 2002 (Moore & Pubantz 191). The infection was reported to concentrate in the groups which are aged between 15 and…
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Comparison between the UN and NEPAD in the HIV/AIDS from the development view
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Extract of sample "Comparison between the UN and NEPAD in the HIV/AIDS from the development view"

Download file to see previous pages virus in this part of the continent (Wilson et al 1) the spread of HIV / AIDS has been strongly linked to poverty and unsatisfactory life conditions, it is also true that the lifestyle and beliefs of African peoples expose them to infection.
A range of measures to stop and prevent the spread of the mortal disease on the African continent have been taken throughout the recent decade, with two organizations playing important roles in anti-AIDS policies. Specifically, these are the United Nations and NEPAD. In this part of the paper, I will compare the anti-AIDS / HIV activity by these two organizations with focus on their goals, impact, and results as to stopping the AIDS pandemic on the African continent.  
First of all, let us briefly review major international documents that impacted the activity of the United Nations and NEPAD aimed at fighting AIDS. These are Millennium Goals, Monterrey Consensus, Paris Declaration, and AAA (Accra Action Agenda). While these documents predominantly focus on improvement of the socio-economic situations in African and other developing countries, they also recognize that the latter are closely connected to health issues. In particular, rise of the level of life quality is seen as one of the ways to combating AIDS and helping people get adequate treatment.
The United Nations Millennium Goals is a set of goals that demonstrate commitment on the global level to combat inequality, poverty, disease, hunger first of all in the world’s developing countries. AIDS / HIV have been the focus of the Millennium Goal 6 A and Goal 6 B which state that by 2015 the spread of HIV should have been stopped and made to reverse and that by 2010 all infected population should have got universal access to HIV / AIDS treatment. The victories of the United Nations in achieving the set goals have been as follows:
Despite these achievements, based on 2008 Millennium Goals Report, it has been found that statistics across Africa is still chilling and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Comparison Between the UN and NEPAD in the HIV/AIDS from the Research Paper.
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