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Histroy - Essay Example

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They maintained a number of independent cities fighting against other Italians to maintain and protect their sovereignty, (Levack, Muir and Veldman 139)…
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Extract of sample "Histroy"

Download file to see previous pages Etruscans played a major role in the development of the Roman state most importantly increasing the trade between the Romans and other societies especially the Greek thereby creating wealth in the state. The group’s seers also taught the Romans how to interpret omens and also enriched the Roman architecture by giving them a distinctive temple architecture that was unique compared to that of the Greeks. The Roman and the Etruscan architecture therefore had better and much deeper porticos and pronounced porches which were supported by colonnades symbolic of their advanced civilization at the time, (Levack, Muir and Veldman 139).
The early republic, established by about 600 B.C.E had a well organized social and political system. By this time, they had begun the construction of public buildings which included the first senate house where elders regularly assembled to discuss community matters and the temples, (Levack, Muir and Veldman 139). The republic established at about 500 B.C.E abolished the rule of kingship and establish a state in which political power was wielded by the people and their representatives. The republic had a military and a voting system in which only free male city inhabitants who could afford their weapons were allowed to vote in the citizen assembly. The assembly was responsible for making the important public decisions in consultation with the senate and although poor men could fight to defend the state, they were not allowed to vote, (Levack, Muir and Veldman 139).
The assembly was constituted by Rome’s male citizens otherwise known as the Centuriate Assembly and had the responsibility of managing the city’s judicial, legislative and administrative affairs. Two chief executives known as the consuls were elected each year and given the authority to administer the law, although their decisions could be appealed in the assembly, (Levack, Muir and Veldman 139). The senate comprised of about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Histroy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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