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10 Important History Events or Peoples - Research Paper Example

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The empire was formed in a slow process, beginning with Turkic and Mongolia tribes that dwelt in Mongolian steppes. There was unification of the tribe in 1206 to a single tribe that was referred to as Khamag Mongol Ulus…
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10 Important History Events or Peoples
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Download file to see previous pages The activities to conquer the kingdoms started as raids and as the success of the raids increased, the empire retained the territory they plundered after the resistance ceased. The expansion into central Asia began in 1209, as there was persuasion of the tribes who opposed Chinggis Khan’s rise in power (
Buddhism is a religion that is followed by a population of about 300 million around the world. It originated 2,500 years ago in Siddhartha Gotama, referred to as Buddha .Buddhism is a practice that involves spiritual developments leading to vision into the true nature of reality. In a normal western sense, the practice has not been considered a religion as it does not include the idea of worshiping a god or a creator (
Siddhartha Gotama was born in family currently Nepal. At the age of 29, it came to his realization that happiness was not generated by wealth and luxury. The realization led him to exploring different religion teachings and philosophies so that he could learn more on happiness. Buddha was not a god and he did not claim to be one. Buddhists in occasions pay respect to the image of Buddha. They do so neither to ask for favor nor worship (
The history of Roman republic is mainly told through the wars that it was involved. Approximately 200 years, the city of Rome was able to expand to become the main power in peninsula Italy. During the time, the military had the passion of achieving power and ruling over the entire Mediterranean world ( The wars that the republic engaged can be classified into four categories including wars for survival and local supremacy within Italy, wars of defensive Imperialism, wars of conquest, and the wars of the late republic. The main wars that the republic was involved were those that aimed for the struggle for survival. The wars were to repel the threat faced by the republic from other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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