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Historical event related to deaf people - Research Paper Example

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The discussion below mainly focuses on two historical events that occurred at a university established for the deaf. Deaf President Now (DPN)…
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Historical event related to deaf people
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"Historical event related to deaf people"

Download file to see previous pages focuses on a few aspects revolving around the impacts of the event on the deaf community and a detailed chronological assessment of the activities that took place during the events.
In DPN, most of the deaf people stood up saying that they do not want nor accept degraded status, they want a deaf president now (Wilkins, 1998, 1, 5). Based on the effects of DPN, it is appropriate to assume that the protests affected the hearing more than the deaf. Deaf people always knew that they can do almost everything that the hearing do; for example, reading, teaching and leading. However, the hearing never imagined the possibility of such to happen; until DPN, most hearing people did not agree (Wilkins, 1998, 1, 8). DPN changed that perception. Simultaneously, the events were a strong memento that showed the deaf that they did not have to follow or adhere to any limitations set for them by others (Wilkins, 1998, 1, 5). The Deaf President Now protests instilled a sense of pride and high self-esteem among the deaf and hard of hearing persons from all walks of life. More graduates from the Gallaudet University and other campuses are acquiring great professions that were once considered limited to the hearing only.
Deaf President Now led to social and legislative change in the United States. The country so a number of changes in its Bill of Rights of the deaf and other impaired individuals, months and years later following the aftermath of the 1988 protest. The state passed so many laws between 1988 and 1993, which promoted and enhanced the lives of deaf people, more than in the two hundred and sixteen years of the nation’s existence. Months after the 1988 protest, the state passed acts such as the Television Decoder Circuitry Act, Telecommunications Accessibility Enhancement Act and the Americans with Disability Act (Wilkins, 1998, 1, 20). First, the Telecommunications Accessibility Enhancement Act ensured that all telecommunication systems be utterly available for the deaf ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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