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Take home exam - Essay Example

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The movie before your eyes depicts the story of two children, who witnessed the murder of their parents, which resulted in the children becoming autonomous fending for themselves. The two characters Gulistan and his brother Firat become orphans following the death of their…
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Take home exam
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Before your Eyes The movie before your eyes depicts the story of two children, who witnessed the murder of their parents, which resulted in the children becoming autonomous fending for themselves. The two characters Gulistan and his brother Firat become orphans following the death of their parents who were shot. This is after their parents are confused to be activists, since they were using their friend’s car. This alters dramatically the lives of these young characters, and they end up having to face the harsh realities at an early age. They are left to struggle in the street in order to survive. This is in contrast to their previous life where they were cosseted and cared for by their parents. They face the dilemma of struggling like other street children something that they were unaccustomed to previously. They face the dilemma of stealing as the rest of the street children or working for their survival. The children also face a dilemma when their aunt, who was helping in caring for their sister, who was a toddler, lives for Stockholm. They are left with the responsibility of being parents despite their ages. This results in the death of their sister due to a fever, since they were not able to purchase medicine. This shows the severity of their suffering since fever can easily be treated. Their quest for survival necessitates them to work for a prostitute, who gives them money for distributing her flier on cars around the city. The major dilemma that the characters face in the movie is when they meet their parent’s killer. They are face with the dilemma of seeking retribution or forgiving the perpetrators. At first, we are made to believe that Gulistan wants to kill the perpetrator, but the situation plays out differently with the character choosing otherwise. The movie is tragic, and the death of the parents of these characters shatters their futures. They lose hope of achieving their dreams and are instead living only for survival. In the end, the characters are not able to solve the problems they face as orphans.
Importance of Genre in Film Studies
Genre is a crucial element in films. Students study the genre theory in order to facilitate the student to categorize films. This is crucial for film student since they need to have in depth knowledge, in cinematography. The students will be able to critically analyze films and contextualize the content of the films. This is because they will look beyond the content of the film but will instead consider the other cover aspects of the film. They will also have a deeper understanding on the cultural aspect of films (Johns, p148). This is because different genres represent different cultural backgrounds and aspects. This is evident in different genres for instance epic films are usually based on a historical eon and culture mostly in the ancient civilizations. This is in contrast with sci-fi films, which are mostly based on the modern and futuristic era. A student understanding of genre will enable them to understand holistically the concepts employed in the film. If a student understands the genres in filmmaking, it will enhance their creativity when they are in the actual industry (Johns, p149). This will facilitate them to be proficient to construct works that will be appealing for film enthusiasts. It is, therefore, crucial that a film student has adequate insight in genre to enhance their film experience, and make them efficient filmmakers in future.
Work Cited
Johns, Ann M. Genre in the Classroom: Multiple Perspectives. Mahwah, N.J: Lawrence Erlbaum, 2002. Internet resource. Read More
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(Take Home Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Take Home Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
“Take Home Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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