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Due to the fact that their minds and bodies are fresher job sharing can provide increased productivity for a firm. “The benefits of job sharing are said to include increased…
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Human Resources Case Two: Two for the Cubicle
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The use of job sharing is a work arrangement that can benefit Sharon and Linda as well as the company. Due to the fact that their minds and bodies are fresher job sharing can provide increased productivity for a firm. “The benefits of job sharing are said to include increased morale and productivity” (Dol, 2012). Employees that work in a job sharing arrangement have reduced responsibilities since work tasks are shared among the members. In a job sharing arrangement Sharon or Linda could help each other by filling in during a day that the other cannot go to work due to sickness, vacation, or other personal reasons. The time flexibility of a job sharing arrangement can allow either of these two workers to seek a second part-time employment. Three other advantages of job sharing are importance of partnership, execution, and equality (Miller & Cremosa, 2009). A con of job sharing is not having a clear supervisor to oversee the work of the time sharers. This can lead to conflict associated over control and power.
Job sharing can be used by managers to develop the skills and capabilities of the employees. Both the employees working in job sharing arrangements could be evaluated under a part-time basis to determine whether to offer full time employment. The manager can change the tasks to be perform each week to challenge the work of the employees. This can help develop their comprehensive and analytic abilities. The competitive spirit of the duo working together under a job sharing arrangement can help motivate and inspire the employees to work harder. A manager can compare the performance of the two workers in different categories. The evaluation process can serve as an assessment to determine the amount of development the employee accomplished during a given period of time.
The use of job sharing arrangements can cause difficulties to both managers and clients of organizations. Managers have dual human resource work and administrative duties since two people are doing the job one person could be doing. The managers have to oversee the work performance of two people. Sometimes it might be difficult to determine whose job performance is faulty since both workers are working on the same tasks day after day. Some of the clients of the company might have a difficult time understanding why the company has different employees working the same account. The customer service treatment to specific clients might vary a lot depending on the circumstances and the employee. Under the premise of a good working arrangement most customers receive a higher level of service because each job sharing employee has greater time to dedicate to lesser number of clients. An advantage for managers of job sharing is that it provides the company with higher human capital for a lower comparative price. The job sharing arrangement provides double the human capital for the price of one employee. Some jobs are better suited than others for job sharing. Three jobs that are suited for job sharing are nurses, administrative assistants, and accountants. Jobs in which the person is legally liable for the well being of the client such as law practices are not suitable for job sharing.
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