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International logistics entails transactions involving individuals or firms in more than one nation detailing complex web of carriers, traders, and forwarders facilitating international transactions, trades, and movement of goods and services. International logistics encompasses…
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Logistics Policy
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Download file to see previous pages rategic design of structures and policies, as well as decision making dwelling on material and information flows, fashioned at supporting and enhancing competitive advantage (Waters, 2003). Strategic decisions hinge on aspects such as warehouses, distribution centres, as well as transportation modes to be employed.
The logistics industry has undergone massive changes in recent decades, especially in areas of integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, packaging, material handling, and security; it is no longer home-based and functions in a global market. The North America Free Trade Agreement involves U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and entails harmonization of the members’ logistics policies and procedures, as well as making logistics systems interoperable. The size of U.S. economy and its geographical location have motivated the United States in taking a factual leadership position in matters regarding facilitation of intermodal logistics and transport within the region, inclusive of cross-border facilitation.
The move towards a unified and interconnected modal system has been critical in the growth of logistics systems. Benefits arising from an integrated intermodal system include lower transport costs, lower environmental impact, enhanced national productivity, and efficiency. Intermodal transport and logistics is mainly driven by the industry via its search for the low cost solutions. Other factors playing a part include market deregulation and competition between shippers and carriers, which lead to a reduction in transport-related transaction costs for business (Murphy & Wood, 2010).
The global sourcing of parts, goods and services, and raw materials has heightened the importance of logistic networks. Besides, trends towards internationalization and innovation have enhanced the need for organizations to be more alert and receptive to the contextual changes. The evolving trends in the creation of an international logistics hub demands ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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