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Logistics systems development - Research Paper Example

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It is what defines the degree of control over optimization of resource distribution and freight movements. In the development of a logistics system, several problems may be encountered,…
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Logistics systems development
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Extract of sample "Logistics systems development"

Download file to see previous pages It focuses on material handling, waste management, packaging and transport.” (Rodrigue, Comtois & Slack, 2009). Pollution has become a major issue of concern in regard to logistics, as logistics firms are opting for heavy goods vehicles, which emit airborne pollutants such as particulate matter and gaseous toxins. If nothing is done regarding this, Co2 emissions will rise to extreme levels. It is important that the issues of green logistics must be taken seriously and solutions must be sought. The biggest challenge that logistics systems are currently facing is the creation of a sustainable society with minimum negative impact on environment. This paper discusses the problems in the development of a green logistics system, giving a detailed description of the paradoxes in green logistics, while offering a ‘blueprint’ for the implementation of green logistics, concluding upon a recommended solution.
Cost: Reduction of costs are perhaps the most important aspect of a logistics system from the perspective of a distributor, which may be implemented through the improvement in the packaging and efficient reduction of wastes. This will benefit the distributor as well as the consumer, but presents the problem that the environmental costs are often externalized. (Geroliminis & Daganzo, n. d).
Time: The management of time mainly rests upon the integration of the supply chain, which can be most beneficial in physical distribution of products. Through integrated supply chains, it would also become more practical to provide flexibility in the system. However the paradox of this option would be that in the process of extending production, the number of retailing structures using energy options would have to be increased, resulting in increased production of emissions.
Reliability: On-time distribution or reliable distribution of freight would greatly benefit the producer as it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Logistics Systems Development Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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