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Manufacturing ghost fathers: the paradox of father presence and adsence in child welfare - Research Paper Example

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As a result of these challenges, families often have fathers who are absent in the lives of their children. A number of reasons could…
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Manufacturing ghost fathers: the paradox of father presence and adsence in child welfare
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Extract of sample "Manufacturing ghost fathers: the paradox of father presence and adsence in child welfare"

Download file to see previous pages Cultural, religious and economic factors had defined the boundaries of what constitutes the basic traditional families but modern times have wrought changes on the family as a basic social unit. One of the foremost changes seen today is the paradox of absent fathers, a phenomenon that is of profound influence on child welfare and development, which is the subject of this paper.
The absence of the father in a family is no longer something that is looked at askance or anything that is unique or odd, because many families today experience this phenomenon. It is a common enough occurrence people no longer give it much thought except that some government policy makers, academicians and sociologists are worried about the long-term effects of this new trend. The standard two-parent nuclear family ideal is becoming frayed and there are genuine or heart-felt concerns on how father absence affects child welfare and upbringing such that nations and their governments (Thelen & Haukanes, 2010, p. 14) have to formulate the appropriate types of strategies that will promote healthy families through proper parenting by state intervention.
The presence of the father and his influence cannot be underestimated because a father is essential in the development of gender role and sexual orientation of a child (Ragland, 2004, p. 29); absent fathers are recognized as mainly responsible for male children or young boys unable to connect emotionally (Williamson, 2002, p. 249), the logic being fathers are responsible for the boys to develop a sense of morality based on fairness while mothers help them develop their own sense of morality based on individual responsibility. Furthermore, absent fathers have a negative impact on overall child welfare, aggravated by marital conflict and parental divorce (Sobolewski & Amato, 2007, p. 1106) and the negative effects persist ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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