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Analyzing organizational change action plan - Research Paper Example

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This is an organization which falls in an increasingly dynamic service industry. The rapid changes in the global social, political and economic…
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Analyzing organizational change action plan
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Download file to see previous pages It is imperative that a complete overhaul of the organizational structure is undertaken to reorganize it to fit the emerging changes. The alteration in this case will cut across the interests of all the stakeholders of the firm. Just to highlight the parties to the changes, the firm will start with the top management’s demutualization, introduction of new teams or systems, change agents and project implementation teams.
The managing director of Landmark health care has been championing for the expansion of the firm and the point of emphasis is on change of plan of action. The issue of change is always characterized by uncertainty in terms of the future effects that follow the implementation of the proposed changes. However, a better future for the stakeholders of this health facility depends on the change in the structure of the management (Hill and Jones, 2013). On the side of administration, Landmark health care needs to cut down on the cost of running the organization through the large sums of money paid as salaries to the top management. To achieve this, the firm is engaged in consultative talks with human resource experts before considering eliminating some positions and introducing new ones. Decision making has been the bottle neck in attainment of the firm’s goals. This problem has been caused by a complex management framework and a lengthy chain of command which in turn has lead to a lot of bureaucracy.
Some positions are redundant and just costly with negligible contribution to the performance of the firm hence their removal (Nanus & Dobbs, 1999). The leadership structure that Landmark health care requires must be visionary, open minded and tolerant to different opinions during decision making. A new team of managers that can propel this firm to greater heights must get rid of subjective decision but instead bring everybody on board when discussing matters of common interest so that the concept of objectivity comes in. This is one of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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