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Lubna - Case Study Example

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To describe Lubna Olyan according to traits will require considering many traits which fits into her personality and the way she is managing affairs at her company. She has a strong achievement drive which makes her to peruse hard work and competence as two criteria based on…
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Lubna Case Study
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Extract of sample "Lubna"

Q To describe Lubna Olyan according to traits will require considering many traits which fits into her personality and the way she is managing affairs at her company. She has a strong achievement drive which makes her to peruse hard work and competence as two criteria based on which activities are carried out at Olyan group. She therefore possess the trait of becoming focused on achievements and hard work to achieve desired strategic results.
Olyan group’s success can be attributed to its ability to be agile and accept change as a normal way of doing business. Its ability to focus on to continue to move and expand itself without actually facing any resistance to change is its main attribute in achieving this level of success.
Role models offer real life examples of how great people actually accomplish things and what traits and characteristics they portray when carrying out their roles and responsibilities. Female role models may be required more in a society like Saudi Arabia which is a close society and better and more improved participation by women can encourage other women to become part of the mainstream society too. It is however, important to note that both male and female role models are required for Saudi Arabian society to move ahead in positive manner.
Reward Power
Coercive Power
Legitimate Power
Referent Power
Expert Power
The organization culture during the times of Olyan was based upon hard work and dedication while maintaining the attitude of doing things differently. The overall organizational structure therefore was designed in a manner to delegate work and empower employees to engage in hard work and develop integrity. The major advantage of such organizational structure is that it empowers employees to take risks and become accountable for what they do. For example, use of integrated communication and information technology to connect employees of Olyan Group at global level indicates the ability of the organizational structure to actually develop competence and accountability while at the same time foster team work and delegation.
Under Lubna’s leadership, the overall organizational structure has remained more or less same however; there has been a dramatic change in the organizational culture. The culture has become more open and empowering with focus on accommodating women and hardworking employees. One necessary change in the way Group was organized was to restructure the structure in a manner to achieve agility. This new structure allows organization to respond to new changes in more rapid manner and with more agility in focus. It is however, critical to note that this structure may push the organization to lose focus on its core competencies and organization may engage into businesses which may not directly come under its core competencies.
Lubna uses intrinsic motivation techniques to motivate her employees by focusing on more hard work, integrity and honesty. These motivators are internal in nature and are considered as personal through which employees actually derive personal satisfaction and feel empowered as well as rewarded. Her actions to include women in workforce as well as rewarding competent and hardworking employees are some of the examples of how she uses intrinsic motivation. Read More
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Lubna Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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