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Cuban Ancestry: Effects on Individual Identity and Nursing Practice - Assignment Example

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This assignment discuses the cuban culture, that is one of the most vibrant minority cultures in the United States. This paper explores Cuban heritage and how it affects people’s beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors, including the views and practices of the researcher as a future nurse…
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Cuban Ancestry: Effects on Individual Identity and Nursing Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Some Cuban Americans are not at ease in talking about Communism and the economic conditions of Cuba (Foster, 2002, p.206). Other Cubans find it taboo to be asked about their occupations and incomes (Foster, 2002, p.206). Homosexuality is taboo for conservative Cuban families. With a strong sense of machismo, homosexuality threatens the forceful notion of the male gender (Grossman & Purnell, 2008, p.5). Cuban Americans, nevertheless, are becoming increasingly more open to diverse genders, including gender empowerment for women and acceptance for other genders. Meaning of Touch Touching through hugs and kisses are acceptable among family, friends, and close associates (Grossman & Purnell, 2008, p.5). It is a sign of love and respect. In health care settings, patients sometimes embrace or kiss their health care providers to show appreciation and gratitude (Grossman & Purnell, 2008, p.5). Touching one another during conversations is common for Cubans too. Cubans talk to people they know in a close distance, leaving only one or two feet of space between them. They touch or tap one another to show emotions or emphasize something. This practice is common between men and men, as well as between women and women and between men and women (Foster, 2002, p.208). It is common for men to arrange each other’s collar, dust off each other’s shoulders, or touch each other during conversations as well (Foster, 2002, p.208). They might touch strangers at the shoulders during conversations, unless when they are in exceptionally formal situations. Spatial and Distancing Strategies during Communication Cubans prefer standing close to people they talk to, especially family and friends. They stay one or two feet from the...
The researcher of this assignment has Cuban ancestry. That is why he aims to investigate Cuban heritage and how it affects people’s beliefs and opinions today as well as their behaviors, including the views and practices of the researcher as a future nurse health care professional. The researcher states that Cubans are very open to one another, especially with their family and friends. Cuban Americans, nevertheless, are becoming increasingly more open to diverse genders, including gender empowerment for women and acceptance for other genders. Cuban worldview is predominantly present-oriented. They focus more on present issues and problems than future ones. In clinical settings, health care providers must be aware that Cubans are open to seeking help during times of crisis. The researcher also states that Cubans are other-dependent and family-centered. They are open to their families and want to help them in any way they can, sometimes to the point of sacrificing their own needs. With this kind of collectivistic culture, the researcher truly see myself as a nurse who looks forward to making a strong social bond with his patients. The use of touch will be helpful, though the researcher states that he will make sure that his patients are comfortable with it. Moreover, the researcher also will use his animated communication expressions to gain and sustain their interest and attention, especially when relaying important health care information and will use his Cuban culture to become a competent and friendly nurse. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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