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The Cuban Americans - Essay Example

The Cuban government allied itself to the Soviet Union and introduced communism in Cuba. Fidel Castro was also a dictator who imprisoned or executed those opposed to his rule (Anderson, 2007). To deliver his promises of making the lives of Cubans better, he redistributed land to ensure that those who had small pieces of land got bigger pieces while reducing the sizes of land owned by the wealthy people. His actions caused those opposed to his rule, those who had lost some land and businesses, to flee the country for safety. This wave of migration that saw over quarter of a million migrants caused the United States to block its borders to Cubans. Between the years 1965 and 1973, the United States’ government and that of Cuba reached an agreement allowing Cubans with relatives living in the United States to be transported the United States (Pando, 1998). This saw about 300,000 migrants transported to America using boats and later using airplanes. Another wave of migration to the United States was to be experienced in the year 1980 after the Cuban president, Fidel Castro, had allowed Cuban Americans to visit their relatives in Cuba. By this time, Cuba was not doing well economically and the sight of well to do relatives from the United States enticed many Cubans to seek for greener pastures (Pando, 1998). About 125,000 immigrants took advantage of Fidel Castro’s permission to Cubans willing to go to the United States to use boats from Mariel port. Cuban Americans have continued to grow in

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numbers ever since and the 1990 census in the US showed that there are about 860,000 Cuban Americans in the US. Most of them live in Dade County in Florida (about 541,000), while others are found in California, New Jersey and New York. The community of Cuban Americans assimilated well in the United States (Anderson, 2007). Cuban Americans enjoyed a good relationship with the United States’ communities that hosted them because of their acceptance by the United States government. This has however continued to change, with conflicts arising between Cuban Americans and United States, as well as other communities. African Americans and Cuban Americans have antagonized each other for a long time in Florida where Cuban Americans have dominance in politics as well as economically. African Americans have accused Cuban Americans of locking them out of politics and the tourist industry (Stoner, 2000). The aforementioned clashes resulted in African Americans’’ boycotts on all businesses related to tourism in Miami area in the year 1991, when they accused five Cuban American mayors from Dale county of not officially welcoming Nelson Mandela, the then president of South Africa and a former freedom fighter. Cuban Americans also witnessed few cases of discrimination by the Whites in the United States. In a survey done in the year 1989-1990, while 82.2 percent of Cuban Americans said they had not experienced discrimination themselves, about 47 percent surveyed were of the view that there was discrimi8nation against Cuban Americans (Spickard, 2007). Cuban Americans have many achievements collectively as well as individuals do. In politics, they have been able to send representatives to the congress as well as to the national legislature. These leaders include Lincoln Diaz who was the Florida republican member of


The Cuban Americans Name: University: Introduction Cuban Americans are one of the most successful and stable United States of America’s immigrants. This paper examines their history of migration, their challenges within America, their community and individual achievements in America and their influence to the American culture…
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The Cuban Americans
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