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See attachment as well as attachment - Coursework Example

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Through the process of cultural assimilation people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds have integrated and are intermingling with one…
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See attachment as well as attachment
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Mexican Americans have been living in American a since very long time and have adjusted and adapted themselves to the requirements of the culture and societal norms of the country. According to survey in 2006 it came into light that 14 percent of the registered immigrants in the United States belonged to Mexico. Mexican Americans are very diverse in their spoken language. Around 26 percent of Mexican Americans can converse in both English and Spanish. Due to the language differences with the mainstream, the Mexican Americans have been overlooked and disregarded in the political field similar to other Hispanic groups that have been ignored. However they have established voting rights and they can vote without any quandary. Moreover, as they form a large percentage of the population, their voting power is very essential for the leaders who approach them for their votes. As a result of their importance for forming an important voting force they have political strength. However, they still counter injustice and prejudices in terms of reforms for immigrants, education, etc. They practice Catholic religion. Their economic conditions however differ as compared to those of the born Americans. When compared to the Native Americans unemployment and poverty is higher among the immigrant population. (Schaefer 2010; Keedle 2010)
Another prominent group of Hispanics in America are the Puerto Ricans. These Americans have been a vital part of American History and they have been more diverted towards English language. This group has still not been successful in accepting the American identity completely and is known to be undergoing the phenomenon of Neo Colonialism. Their economic status is not as healthy as the whites because they also fall victim to high unemployment rates. They do not have availability of stable jobs in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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