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This assignment aims to overview and systematize the effective analytic tools which enable the identification of features that are necessary for qualitative analysis by using the inductive or deductive analysis to conduct an analysis of qualitative research…
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Qualitative Research Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The assignment "Qualitative Research Analysis" talks about the effective analytic tools that can be used for the identification of features that are necessary for qualitative analysis.
The interview conducted revealed that education standards are reliant on the ability of university administration to promote higher performance, in education, as well as students input in the process of education. Key issues, which featured here, were university administrators and students. As such, students have to ensure that they improve their individual performance levels to lead to the attainment of better standards in a university. This is necessary for the admission process of students in the university is diversified such that students are admitted from low-grade scores to higher grade scorers. However, both students and university administration have to collaborate in order to ensure that university standards are improved. One of the student’s responses in support of this was:
Student: The performance of the university is determined by the individual performance of all students. However, I can argue that the standard of the university is a collaboration of both the administration and the students.
The quality of education, which is attained in a university, is also reliant on students’ performance. However, it is complex for one to determine whether one contributes towards the attainment of quality standards in a university. This is because universities tend to associate quality with students performance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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