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Using more community service combined with probation we can eliminate the broken windows theory - Research Paper Example

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The theory proposes that indications of disorder and minor criminal behaviour elicit more disorderly and trivial lawlessness, therefore leading to spread of the behaviour. This may result in moral decay and deterioration of the quality of life of residents in these neighbourhoods. …
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Using more community service combined with probation we can eliminate the broken windows theory
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Extract of sample "Using more community service combined with probation we can eliminate the broken windows theory"

Download file to see previous pages This may be a key policy issue for city management, which may be forced to weigh their options in an attempt to reach at the most effective method of dealing with crime. Would using more community service accompanied with probation prove effective in eliminating the “broken windows theory”? Does disorder actually spread in the neighbourhoods? Previous research has not offered a strong empirical support so far, and it is difficult to define what constitutes disorder, what may lead to its spread or which may be the most effective means of curbing disorder and crime (Harcourt, 2001).
Using hypotheses generated about the systems of combating disorder and crime, we tested the hypotheses in a different field experiments. We found that when an offender was sentenced to more hours of community service and/or probation, people who observed them were less likely to indulge in violation of other rules or norms that may cause the disorder to spread, thus the theory of broken windows is eliminated.
Law enforcement agencies have in the past adopted community service and probation as effective methods of reducing recidivism among offenders and supervision of offenders in the community. Community service is a form of alternative sentencing by courts in which individuals convicted of crimes are obliged to take part in compulsory unpaid work that is intended to be of social value, in place of serving a prison sentence, other sanctions and judicial remedies such as fines or incarceration. For instance, the court may reduce or write off offenders’ prison terms in exchange for a specified number of hours of community service, which the convict may be allowed to choose after which it is documented by credible agencies like NGOs. The sentencing may sometimes be specifically targeted to the offender’s crime. 4 Sometimes community service may be accompanied by probation-a court ordered sanction that permits an offender to stay free from detention subject to a prescribed period of proper behavior under the supervision of a probation officer. The types of supervision vary and include intensive, home detention, GPS monitoring, informal, standard or unsupervised probation. 4 2.Literature review 4 3.1 Introduction 4 Studies and available literature on community service and probation have stressed the significant role of developing effective and concrete strategies of eliminating the broken windows theory. This chapter will put forward what is already known regarding the use of community service accompanied with probation to eradicate the spread of disorder as proposed by the broken windows theory. We examine the core principles of effective community service and probation putting into account some of the research questions advanced in the introductory chapters- how effective is a community service and probation in eliminating the broken windows theory? There is plenty of research is available on what is considered to be effective in tackling the spread of disorder. Essentially, there is an abundance of research focusing on a collection of approaches deemed to possess the most impact on convicts in helping them minimize or desist from more criminal behavior. In addition, this section also analyzes the approaches and community work skills commonly employed by probation officers, and also consider the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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