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Leaders of China in the 20th Century - Essay Example

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It was the most powerful one with the most population, and was politically amalgamated. China was a pioneer of agriculture but like most…
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Leaders of China in the 20th Century
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Download file to see previous pages This resentment yield fruits by beginning of the Boxer Rebellion in the 20th Century (Kissinger, 2011).
China was modified into Republic of China when the 1911 Revolution replaced the two thousand years old imperial system in China led by Sun Yat-sen. January of 1946 marked the beginning of another struggle for power in China. It was Chiang Kai-shek who served as a military assistance to Sun Yat-sen. He was a nationalist supporter. After demise of Sun Yat-sen,, he became popular with the people and became the first ever President of China under a novel, and slacken constitution. During his regime, he was unable to come up with any resolution with the Communists regardless of his long run negotiations with them (Loh, 1971).
The drawback of Chiang Kai-shek government was a failure to come in settlement with the Communists and so he was restricted only to the island of Taiwn by 1950 when the United States funds were stopped. He negotiated with the United States military forces and established limited democracy in the country which was already a failure. He began to urge Nationalist guerillas on the mainland of China but was severely bruited. The UN expelled his government in 1971 and subsequently gave rights to the Communists to hold their legitimate regime in the country (Loh, 1971)..
United States intervened in Chinese cities led by KMT, while the countryside was under the control of CCP. CCP took action against the KMT in the cities as civilians began to take stand for their country. So, Mao Zedong took over China on 1st October, 1949 when Taiwan took over KMT and yet again gave birth to People’s Republic of China. When Mao Zedong took control over China, he was regarded as one of the big revolutionaries but also one of the most horrible politicians of his time (Spence, 1999).
It was Mao who formed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leaders of China in the 20th Century Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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