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The relationship of these famous actors has a long history of debate, gossip and media appeal. Individually, they are established, popular and extremely wealthy movie stars. Brad…
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Relationship interaction
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Group Paparazzi chose to explore the relationship of the movie icons, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The relationship of these famous actors has a long history of debate, gossip and media appeal. Individually, they are established, popular and extremely wealthy movie stars. Brad Pitt has played in roles, such as Interview with the Vampire, Fight Club and Benjamin Button, just to name a few. Angelina Jolie has many blockbuster hits, such as Tomb Raider, Salt and the Bone Collector. However, one movie that brought these two dynamic entertainers together was the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. In the film Brad and Angeline play a married couple who both work as highly paid assassins. However, neither one in the beginning realizes that the other kills for a living. The couple, in the introduction of the film, was having marital problems but closer to the climax and the new found awareness that they were both in the same line of work, their romance rekindled.
This marital problem which seemed to manifest upon the discovery of each other’s line but instead rekindled their lost romance can be gleaned on the following dialogue where there seems to be a disconnect in their COMMUNICATION CODES:
John: Well then, I guess we’ve gotta take them out.
Jane: That’s your answer. You want to take out an army of assasins
John: What?
Jane: It’s just.. it’s just so typical.
John: What does that mean?
Jane: it means: why don’t you stop and think for a second.
John: I am thinking.
Jane: You’re attacking. You’re always attacking, John.
John: Always?
Jane: I’m not talking about your job. I’m talking about you. And you always blow what you can’t fix.
John: Where is this coming from?
Jane: Where is this coming from? How about the fact taht you fired a ballistic missile at me! You shot up our wagon! You tried to run over with a monster truck! All you do is wreck things.
John: And you think you’re so much better? Your neat little boxes. Everything tagged and filed. What happened to my car?
Jane: You ran it into the river. While trying to attack me.
John: You slipped out of the house. Not me. That’s you. Always avoiding things.
Jane: I didn’t blow up the one thing that could save us.
John: Jane. It wasn’t my idea to get Hector.
Jane: So this is my fault? This is my fault now?
John: It’s my fault. It’s all my fault. It’s my fault we met. It’s my fault we moved in. And it’s definitely my fault we got married.

The audience might have the initial impression that the couple is in conflict and their marriage is about to breakdown. What happened in fact was the opposite because the couple just needs a little adventure and “fire” in their relationship and this seeming conflict rekindled that romance again albeit this method is quite unusual. This just shows that Brad and Angelina had a majestic chemistry that transcended on film and generated a unique essence to the movie. It was obvious to notice the true attraction the actors had for each other despite the acted conflict.
In addition to the theories observed between the couple’s roles during the movie, the nature of their off camera intimate relationship correlate with the INDEPENDENT COUPLES theory; THIS CONCEPT DESCRIBES MARRIED PARTNERS WHO EXHIBIT SHARING AND COMPANIONSHIP AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY INTERDEPENDENT BUT ALLOW EACH OTHER INDIVIDUAL SPACE. After shooting the movie Mr. Mrs. Smith, Angelina was quoted saying. ” We both have been married before, so its not marriage that necessarily keeps some people together.” Brad and Angelina have been in a lasting relationship for over five years but have not married. However, they are committed to raising their children together and continued to allow the other to pursue their movie careers.
Pitt and Jolies relationship became one of the most reported celebrity stories worldwide because their workplace involved this kind of attention. Starring in Mr. & Mrs. Smith enabled the two actors to share the same workplace. Not only did they have to share the same workplace, but also were assigned to play the roles of husband and wife. Eventually, they both admitted they had fallen in love on the set; therefore openly admitting that they were involved with the concept of WORKPLACE ROMANCE. The definition of WORKPLACE ROMANCE involves the idea that opportunities for intimate relationships are provided because of the easy access to people with common success and future goals. In 2006, Jolie confirmed that she was pregnant with Pitt’s child and acknowledged their relationship for the first time publicly. Brad and Angelina now have three biological children and they also adopted three more children, giving them six all together. Read More
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