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Relationship between the Management Layer, Board and Staff - Assignment Example

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A paper "Relationship between the Management Layer, Board and Staff" reports that management, board, and staff members are the ones who make up an organization structure. In a functional structure, employees in the organizations tend to perform with a specialized set of tasks. …
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Relationship between the Management Layer, Board and Staff
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Download file to see previous pages In the functional structure, employees in the organizations tend to perform with the specialized set of tasks. It would be easy for them to work with their specialized skills and be apt to feel comfortable (Iqbal, n.d.). With this structure, there would be a direct relationship with the management and the staff in each department product/service line because of direct supervision. There would be the close relationship, interaction, communication and quick response for both the management and the staff. The board at the same time, to which the management reports, can easily determine on what to focus for there is an open engagement of relationship.The system and internal structure, rewards, and benefits, application and teamwork are needed so that the board, management, and staff would enable to work successfully (“The Five Elements,” 2009). The system and internal structure of the organization should be sufficient for the survival of the member of the business. Rewards and benefits should be given consideration so that loyalty among them would be achieved. Lastly, there should be the application of the system and teamwork so that success would be realized. Iqbal, N. (n.d.). Effective organization structure acts as the lifeblood of business. Ezine Articles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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