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Jorge Luis Borges and hes great love for Argentina - Essay Example

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Jorge Luis Borges is one of the pioneers of Argentinean literature, who, through his influential writings and inimitable style, has managed to create a new genre in literature. As Alberto Julian Perez writes in the Dictionary of Literary Biography, Borges was a man who had the…
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Jorge Luis Borges and hes great love for Argentina
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Extract of sample "Jorge Luis Borges and hes great love for Argentina"

Download file to see previous pages The brilliance of Jorge Luis Borges the author came into existence as a result of a number of factors, including his genealogy, his early life experiences, his exposure to Spanish and English at a very young age, his family’s trips to Europe and most importantly, his paternal grandmother. All these things served to shape the man who, with his erudite creativity, created masterpieces which, till date, are read and praised by people all over the world. Although he wrote and compiled numerous short stories and poems, and received accolades for his prose, Borges started off his literary career with a collection of poems titles Fervor de Buenos Aires. The collection, literally translated to mean Passion for Buenos Aires, is an acute reflection of the love and sentiment the poet has for his homeland. The work was not only significant in its content, but had great emotional value for Borges too. In his autobiographical essay, Borges claimed that throughout his literary career, he felt he had never moved beyond his first creation. In his own words, “I feel that all my subsequent writing has only developed themes first taken up there; I feel that all during my lifetime I have been rewriting that one book.” (Lovecraft, 199) These words aptly reveal the impact the work had on Borges. Through the analysis of Fervor de Buenos Aires, the love of Jorge Luis Borges for his country Argentina can be discovered in greater insight.
Borges deep attachment to his country can be explained in the events that preceded the publishing of Fervor de Buenos Aires. Born in Buenos Aires, he was raised in a suburban district located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. He grew up in a household that was unique for the time – both English and Spanish were spoken fluently in the family. His father had a sprawling library of English books, and Borges had read great English literary masterpieces at a very young age. As a young boy, he was not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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