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Intercultural Studies on Samoa Culture - Research Paper Example

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Basically, culture is “a set of norms, beliefs, principles and behaviour that gives the organization a unique character” (Brown, 1995). On the other hand, sub-culture is referring to a group…
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Intercultural Studies on Samoa Culture
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Download file to see previous pages Along with the major changes in the structure and flow of business transactions today, developed countries continuously aim to increase their returns on investment not only by transferring the Western management practices all over the developing countries but also in learning more about the culture and sub-culture of other countries. For this reason, an effective intercultural communications plays a significant role in making global business transactions successful.
An effective communication is all about being able to effectively transmit messages from the “sender” to the “receiver” (Konar, 2009, p. 159). In response to globalization, business people and other group of professionals should develop their intercultural communication skill in order for them to be able to send their messages effectively to the receiver of the message. It means that for the business people and/or other group of professionals to become competent in the use of intercultural communication, each one of them are expected to be able to fully understand not only the social customs of the person to whom they are communicating but also the entire “social system of the host culture” (Jandt, 2010, p. 55). By being able to understand the cultural factors that could significantly affect how a person think or behave, business people and/or other group of professionals will have the competitive edge in terms of being able to deliver an effective communication.
Each time a person intends to communicate with a foreigner, the process of going through a certain level of adaptation is necessary. It means that both the sender and the receiver of messages should be able to adapt with the native and host culture respectively. For this reason, effective communicators should first study the cultural background of their prospective business partner(s) or client(s) before initiating a conversation with them.
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