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Among these, as pointed out by Plato, is by appealing to the audience’s emotions such as anger, mercy and even horror, which influence on…
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On current news
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Appealing to an Audience Task Appealing to an Audience In an attempt to influence an audience, employ a number of strategies in order to elicit a desired reaction from their audience. Among these, as pointed out by Plato, is by appealing to the audience’s emotions such as anger, mercy and even horror, which influence on the audience’s ability to make rational judgments (Edlund and Pomona, 2012).
Image can further be used to engage an audience emotionally. This can be achieved, when for example an expert or respected individual in a particular field, takes on the task of speaking about a particular issue or promoting a product. The image that an audience holds of the individual will influence how they will react to the information, whether they will accept or reject it (Edlund and Pomona, 2012)
Drawing a difference between kairos and chronos has been achieved through examining the effect that each has on an audience. Whereas kairos focuses on an opportune moment in time, and is more relevant to an audience, chronos focuses on a longer span of time, thus not being appropriate for general audiences (Edlund and Pomona, 2012)
The four basic components of visual design are: type of text used in making an appeal, space or layout used, use of color and the use of images and graphics. With regards to type, large font type has been use to make the text easily readable, considering that the text is lengthy. Space or layout within the course has been useful in showing the importance of the discussion and also in creating a clear relationship among the parts. The use of plain color within the course has helped in creating an academic impression. Finally, the lack of images within the course is reasonable, considering that images are only useful in condensing information, whereas the content within the course is of fair length.
Edlund J. R. and Pomona C. L. (2012). Ethos, Logos, Pathos: Three Ways to Persuade.
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