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Psychological research ethics provide that the respondents involved are clearly aware of the procedures involved in the research and the purpose of the study in order to comply with the requirement of informed consent. According to McLeod (2007), it is important that the…
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Milgram Experiment
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Psychological research ethics provide that the respondents involved are clearly aware of the procedures involved in the research and the purpose of the study in order to comply with the requirement of informed consent. According to McLeod (2007), it is important that the respondent becomes aware of the intentions of the study and the extent to which their privacy and time will be compromised so that psychology does not create unpleasant taste in some sections of the population through invasive demands. It must be revealed to the respondent of possible benefits, costs or risks in the study and how the researcher will take care of them.
In light of such revelations, the researcher exposes the entire study to some level of inaccuracy since the respondents alter their responses, as human being inherently condition themselves to behave in a certain manner to stimuli. Respondent behavior or operant behavior has widely been studied to reveal that respondents act in a certain way to fit in the expectations following psychological perception of the stimuli. The results obtained in such study must factor in some level of alteration as an assumption since respondent behavior becomes very central to the expected outcomes (McLeod, 2007).
The author accounts for a way to deal with the alteration of perceptions using Milgram’s study of obedience where the procedure applied is concealed in form of a deception. McLeod (2007) argues that it is allowed to alter the respondents’ perception on the procedure but not in a material way such that the respondents remain protected in the study. The deception must be kept at its minimum possible level aimed at eliciting the expected results and avoiding alterations from respondents’ perceptions. It therefore means that the ethics can slightly be constricted but the researcher must ensure that it is not materially tampered with.
McLeod, S. (2007) “Psychology Research Ethics,” Retrieved from: Read More
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