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The solar system is quite uniquely examined but the same theories have not been applied when it comes to examining living creatures which also means that there is no parity, parity is very important. It is unfair to evaluate two things differently.
Natural selection and…
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Assignment #3
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Darwin’s theory of evolution has been appreciated by many scholars but there are also other scholars who have largely disagreed with what Darwin had to say.
Darwin’s dangerous idea is quite entertaining to watch but he has forgotten to examine living objects as he has examined the natural star, the moon and so on and so forth.
The solar system is quite uniquely examined but the same theories have not been applied when it comes to examining living creatures which also means that there is no parity, parity is very important. It is unfair to evaluate two things differently.
Natural selection and adaptation have been used by Darwin to examine living creatures. Darwin found extinct fossils of species and he started questioning their whereabouts but he did not apply the same reasoning to living creatures.
Darwin questioned the existence of living species and why the extinct species became extinct, this was a very good question, the environment and the living conditions changed because of which the extinct species failed to fulfill their needs and as a result of which they became extinct.
The understanding of evolution is largely based on the ideas and the ideology of Charles Darwin. His contribution has been immense. Read More
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Assignment #3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
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