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Why Evolution Should Be Taught in Schools - Term Paper Example

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This essay argues in support of the thesis that the theory of evolution should be taught in schools. The debate on whether these theories should be taught in schools or not is never-ending, it has seen the input of education stakeholders, students, parents and citizens alike.  …
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Why Evolution Should Be Taught in Schools
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Extract of sample "Why Evolution Should Be Taught in Schools"

Download file to see previous pages For those who support the teaching of evolution in schools, they argue in support of the concepts that are the basis of the evolution theory, while those against its teaching in schools have other theories that they argue in favor of. These theories include the creation theory and the intelligent design theory. What do these theories imply? The creation theory implies that all organisms, living or nonliving were created. The theory of intelligent design seeks to reconcile the theories that contrast each other. These are the theory that is for the existence of a supreme being who is the reason why life is and the theory that science is the reason why life is. 

According to Aliprandini and McMahon (1), the debate on whether evolution should be taught in schools has not started today. It has its historical aspects to it. From these historical aspects, there are various arguments that support the teaching of evolution in schools. It is stated that Gregor Mendel promoted the theory of evolution through the principles that he formulated, the principles of genetics. When these principles were merged with evolution, they gave a new lease to the theory of evolution hence improving its credibility. Currently, technology has advanced hence availing more evidence that supports the theory of evolution that it cannot be regarded as a false. The Supreme Court ruling in the Epperson vs. Arkansas of 1968 which stated that it was unconstitutional to ban the teaching of evolution in schools as it went against the division of the state and the church adds to the reason why evolution should be taught in schools (Aliprandini and McMahon, 1).

Fast forward, today the Catholic Church does not disqualify the likelihood that evolution is a theory that was in the plans of God in the creation of the universe and life. This supposes that evolution in itself does not fight the theory of creation but is in fact a result of the creation theory.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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