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We then showed how one can use the models to derive an alternative measure of a school’s performance according to the weighted average difference between its actual and predicted outcomes (value added) for the five measures, after accounting for the effects of socioeconomic…
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Reference: Toutkoushian, R., & Curtis, T. (2005, May). Effects of Socioeconomic Factors on Public High School Outcomes and Rankings. Journal of Educational Research, 98(5), 259-271.
We then showed how one can use the models to derive an alternative measure of a school’s performance according to the weighted average difference between its actual and predicted outcomes (value added) for the five measures, after accounting for the effects of socioeconomic factors on school performance. By comparing a school’s ranking according to observed outcomes and value added, stakeholders can make more informed judgments about the relative performance of schools and the extent to which the SES of communities plays a role in the observed educational outcomes (p. 260).
Guilty of plagiarism:
The methodology to show how one can use the models for deriving an alternative measurement of a school’s performance with reference to the average difference between its actual and predicted outcomes for the five measures was shown by Toutkoushian & Curtis (2005). This derivation was made after accounting for the effects of socioeconomic factors on school performance
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Toutkoushian & Curtis (2005) suggested the utility of different models for measuring a school’s performance with reference to the measured average count of value addition done in the relevant five measures. This measurement was done considering the social and economic relevance of the school’s performance.
Not Guilty:
The process of measuring and ranking according to the difference between the actual and the predicted outcome facilitates the more precise judgment about the comparative performance of the schools. This also gives an exact idea on the role of SES of communities in the result that the schools bring forth in terms of education. (Toutkoushian & Curtis , 2005, p. 260).
1. Reference:
Bennett, C. I. (2002). Enhancing ethnic diversity at a big ten university through project TEAM: A case study in teacher education. Educational researcher, 31, 21-29.
Original quote: “With conditions of integrated pluralism, students discover and
maintain their own family histories, values, and traditions. At the same time, they
participate in settings that establish the conditions for intergroup contact that enable
them to learn about, understand, and respect student peers from diverse racial and
cultural backgrounds” (Bennett, 2002, p. 27).
Bennett (2002, p. 27) confirms that “integrated pluralism” and the allied situations would help the students to be adhered to their original social and historic values. However, on the other side this within itself becomes a platform for them to interact and learn about different backgrounds existing within the system. This in turn helps to learn to respect varied cultural and social backgrounds.
2. Reference:
Stein, D. S. (1980, September). The adult educator in the health profession: New roles and responsibilities. Lifelong Learning, 8-11.
Original quote: “The institution must learn how to apply educational science to its
sponsored programs. The continuing education specialist, by his presence, forces the
institution to become cognizant of physical learning problems and increases the
relevance of its continuing education programs to the practicing professional” (Stein,
1980, p. 11).
Stein (1980) argued that institutions must ensure to include the science of education in the programs promoted by them. The service of a specialist in education would highly promote the concept of continuity in the leaning process among the employees. This also helps the institution to be aware of its own limitations in the learning procedure.
3. Reference:
Moran, J. J. (1997). Assessing adult learning. Malabar, FL: Krieger.
Original quote: “Assessment instruments themselves need to be reviewed and updated
to make sure that what is rated is important in the world outside the learning program” (Moran, 1997, p. 106).
Moran (1997, p. 106) confirmed that as the results of the evaluation would make substantial impact on the outside environment of the learning system, the efficacy of the evaluation tools would have to be continuously checked and amended accordingly.
4. Reference:
Aurand, T. (1994, January and February). Segmenting the adult education market. Adult Learning, 16-18.
Original quote: “The segmentation and target marketing process can also be applied
to adults seeking more basic training. . . [and] A literacy class for students that speak
English as a second language can vary dramatically from a class of students seeking a
G..E.D. High schools or junior colleges involved in adult reading skills enhancement
can easily segment their markets by backgrounds of the students being taught”
(Aurand, 1994, p. 18).

Aurand (1994, p.18) confirmed the wide diversity in the market for literacy classes. With reference to this scope the author urges the need for proper planning and classification of the target group. The literature explains the diversity through the observable variety among the students in a class focusing students having English as a second language.
5.. Reference:
Freire, P. (2000). Pedagogy of the oppressed. (M. B. Ramos. Trans.). New York: The
Continuum International. (Original work published in 1970)
Original quote: “A revolutionary leadership must accordingly practice co-intentional education. Teachers and students (leadership and people), co-intent on reality, are both subjects, not only in the task of unveiling that reality, and thereby coming to know it critically, but in the task of re-creating that knowledge.” (Freire, 2000, p. 69)
Freire (2000) opined that both teachers and students when gets associated in the concept of an ideal leadership, intents to get exposed to the reality and critically analyze it. Thus according to Freire both teachers and students are to closely associate in an ideal leadership pattern so as to explore newer realms of knowledge. Read More
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