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SAM 400 UNIT 5 - Essay Example

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A group is a collection individuals with mutual interest who work together to pursue a certain goal. As a student, I have joined a number of groups from which I closely interact with other members…
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SAM 400 UNIT 5
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Download file to see previous pages One of the characteristics of this group is having a focused leader who is elected through a democratic and fair process. An effective group should have a visionary leader who has the group’s interest at heart. The leader shifts from on person to the other, at the end of every year, during the group’s general meeting where new leaders are elected into the office. The elected leader should aggressively seek for votes from the members without any intimidation .If the members feel that they can entrust the groups’ mission in the hands of a specific leader, then he or she is duly elected. Our leader portrays good leadership skills and ensures that unity and coherence is achieved within the group. The mission of the Green Community Groups is to promote environment conservation within the school compound. Our vision is to see that environmentally friendly practices are encouraged and adopted by the school’s community. To achieve this goal, all the members led by our leader work alongside the school’s administration and other environment agencies to facilitate environmentally friendly activities such as tree planting and advocacy initiatives. The activities to be undertaken are agreed upon by all the members, every one contribution is highly valued and decisions are reached through a consensus (Manning & Curtis 79).
The roles within the group are shared and well balanced. There are smaller groups within the club that are designated various projects to steer head. Within these small groups every member has a role to play .This characteristic creates a sense of belonging and worth among all the members, there are no minority members as everyone feels relaxed and involved. To facilitate coherence within the group, effective communication is highly encouraged. Our group communicates face to face, during meetings, through the club’ social site called “The Greeners” and through the use of mobile phones. Every member is aware of the Club’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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SAM 400 UNIT 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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