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CSR Table of Contents Burnley Football Club: relationship with stakeholders 3 Identification of shortfalls in relationship with stakeholders and their remedies 5 Stages of CSR: Burnley football club 6 Draft a CSR Vision Statement for the Club 7 CSR Policies for Burnley football club 8 References 10 Burnley Football Club: relationship with stakeholders Burnley football club is an English football club in the Burnley, Lancashire…
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Download file to see previous pages However, the club won the Championship play-off final and was promoted to the English premier league but was relegated again after one year. The improvement in the performance of the club over the last few years could be attributed to the relationships of the club with its internal and external stakeholders. The major stakeholders of the Burnley football club are the chairman and the board of directors, the management and the supporting staffs, the employees and the players, the former players association, the customers and the supporters, the business suppliers and creditors and the community at large (BURNLEY FOOTBALL CLUB, 2013, p.1). It is important for the club to maintain healthy relationships with the stakeholders of the club in order to improve the operational performance for taking the club to the top English football division and sustain its success over a long run. Apart from earnings business profits for funds required to carry out the expenses of the club which is allocated majorly to the payments of the players, the responsibility towards the community and environment in which they co-exist is also equally important to sustain as well as increase supporter base which is the bloodstream for Burnley football club. ...
The management staffs and employees, coaches and player are paid on timely basis to maintain smooth operations of the club activities. The major part of the club expenditure is allocated to the payments to players and their transfers. It is looked into by the club for timely payments of fees to the players in order to bring out the best performance on the field. The coaches, support staffs and employees are also given due recognition for good performance by the club. The club recognizes an association of former players who had outstanding contribution in the remarkable victories of the club. The club honors them as claret forever. This induces a healthy atmosphere for transmission of the heritage of the club. The club maintains a strong bond with its supporters who are the source of revenues for the club. The club values its supporters highly which is reflected in the transparency in dealings and transactions as well as publish of information on football activities to its customers. The employees of the club maintain a cordial relationship and behave courteously with the supporters and their customers. All sorts of co-operation and responsiveness are shown to the concerns and feedbacks are taken for improvement. The club updates its official website in a timely fashion and any changes in the policies of the club are informed timely to the stakeholders. The club also maintains an online ticketing system and transparent dealings on amount and position of seats are done through online systems. The club addresses the concerns of the community through its ticket pricing strategies. Considering the entertainment and recreation provided to the community from the football matches, the club design a range of ticket prices with concessions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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