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Job Interview - Assignment Example

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My problem areas that deter me from performing satisfactorily in the interviews are fear, difficulty in articulation due to nervousness and answering off the point. On the basis of various reading…
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Job Interview
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Extract of sample "Job Interview"

Overcoming the Challenges Faced in Job Interviews I have described in detail the challenges that I face in job interviews. My problem areas that deter me from performing satisfactorily in the interviews are fear, difficulty in articulation due to nervousness and answering off the point. On the basis of various reading resources, I have developed an action plan that would address and resolve each of my problems. My strategy consists of three double practices that would help me in being prepared at the time of the interview. The three things that I intend to do are: create an interview script that would be like a guideline to keep me focused, relate the topic of discussion to my skill area and the job profile and try to stay calm and relaxed.
Keywords: fear, articulation, action plan, frame-work, guideline, skill.
Overcoming the Challenges Faced in Job Interviews
The challenges that I usually face at job interviews are fear of under-performing, difficulty in articulation and a feeling of answering off-the-track. As a result, I cannot project my talent and skill to prospective employers the way I would like to. I constantly have this negative feel that I would make blunders in the interview and this fear puts me under stress which eventually hampers my performance. I have observed that my panic attack numbs my other faculties like speech and comprehension, thereby affecting my ability to communicate in a sound manner. I become tongue-tied and stiff in responding to the interviewer’s questions and often miss the point.
According to job consultants and grooming experts, interview fright is caused due to many factors but the most common one is lack of preparation (Crosby, 2000). At this point, I would like to share my experience at a job interview. There were two rounds to the interview, an aptitude test in the first round and meeting in person in the second round. I qualified in the first round but I did miserably in the second. I could not provide prompt replies to basic questions like “Why have you chosen our organization over the others?” “Why do you think we should consider you, when there are more experienced professionals?” I was totally unprepared for these types of questions and had concentrated only on my field of expertise.
I learned a valuable lesson that being good in your subject is not enough to make it big in the world; you need to make a strategy for achieving your goals. I fell on to reading a number of informative articles and write-ups on winning interview skills and confidence-building. My reading resources helped me formulate an action plan.
Firstly, I would prepare an interview script that would include self-introduction, answers to possible questions (Crosby, 2000) and a word of thanks for my interviewers (Corcodilos, n.d). The script would be a frame-work so that I stay focused, feel prepared and confident. Once I feel confident, I will be able to handle my nerves.
Secondly, I would try to keep the conversation within my turf. If the interviewer asks any general question, I would try to make it more specific by asking “Would you want to know about X aspect or Y aspect of the job?” (Hardy, n.d) so that I can provide the answer in relation to my skills and the job profile (Crosby, 2000). I would also be able to stay connected to my own field and would not feel lost. This strategy would help me in identifying what exactly the interviewer wants to know, hence, there would be no scope for missing the point.
Thirdly, I would relax and tell myself that I have nothing to lose but only to gain valuable experience (Crosby, 2000). By being in a comfortable and relaxed state of mind, I would also be able to overcome speech problem like articulation or stammering caused due to nervousness.
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Job Interview Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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I had an issue with a assignment types of works. All until I came across this website and this particular document. Even though "Job Interview" is far from my interests, the structure is so great that I use it all the time as an example for my own works.


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