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Educationn - Research Paper Example

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It seeks to analyse on the ability of the student to comprehend information, conceptualize, and make the most of it in examination or answering any form of questions…
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Download file to see previous pages She was supposed to read the essay in one hour. The first section involved four open ended reflective questions on the topic, which the students was required to answer without referring to any sources. The time allocated for this section was twenty minutes. The second section involved five short answer questions where the student was given a total of twenty-five minutes to refer to the article and class notes and provide the answers in writing. As the student attempted the second section of the questions, the teacher moved about attempting to analyse she was behaving as well as her working patterns. The last section involved one essay question on the same topic that Joan was supposed to research on and write a comprehensive essay in a period of one hour. A stopwatch was provided so that the student could time herself. The teacher then checked the work of the student and later facilitated discussion on each question during the next session. This paper is a report on the findings on reading capability of Joan as well as recommendations.
The testing was done on 21 May 2012 after which a discussion with the teacher was done the following day. After the test, the teacher also tried to research more on Joan’s performance in other subjects as well as her reading habits at home.
Joan is an eighth grade student. The history teacher realized that Joan had a reading problem and decided to analyse it. Her problem was on reading speed and the much time she took to conceptualize facts. However, Joan always tried to finish her assignments and hand them in time. She is an average student but appears to have difficulties especially during exams when she cannot finish examinations in time. According to her parents, Joan does not schedule much time for reading and rarely reads novels or storybooks.
Generally, Joan has a good attitude toward learning and tries to put many efforts in her work. Her visual capability appeared normal as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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