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Critical Thinking Argument Paper - Assignment Example

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A person employed at a particular workplace is expected to meet the targets and achieve the objectives of the organization in which he/she works. This productivity does not depend on a person’s age but rather on the…
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Critical Thinking Argument Paper
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Age Discrimination at the Workplace Age Discrimination at the Workplace Issue: Whether age discrimination should be introduced at the workplace.
Position: Age discrimination should not be introduced at the workplace.
Premise 1: Capability at the workplace is not a reserve of any age.
Premise 2:.Age discrimination contradicts workplace principles.
Premise 3: Age discrimination is detrimental to the economy.
Capability at the Workplace is neither a Reserve of the Old nor the Young
Productivity is the greatest goal for any organization. A person employed at a particular workplace is expected to meet the targets and achieve the objectives of the organization in which he/she works. This productivity does not depend on a person’s age but rather on the ability and the determination he/she has to produce the best results. Any discrimination, therefore, targeted at any person or a group of people on the basis of their age without any regard to their ability to perform at the workplace should be considered unethical. In fact such discrimination is as unfair as that based on race or religion. Age has never been an indicator of a person’s ability to produce results. While at the workplace, employees should be assessed basing on their capability to produce results but not on their age.
There is no logic in an argument suggesting that, if the elderly are employed, the younger generation would lack the opportunity to work in organizations. In fact such a view is an argument in fallacy.
Age Discrimination Contradicts Workplace Principles
Workplace principles demand that each and every employee should be treated fairly at his/her place of work. The elderly employees at the workplace have the right to employment just like the young. The principles of nondiscrimination at the place of work, therefore, form basic components of the human rights. Such rights should only be ignored if there is proof that continued employment of a particular person results in no significant benefit for the organization he/she works for. In order to fulfill the provisions in the principles that govern workplace discipline, an aged person may be replaced by a younger person only when the aged lacks the manual strength or concentration to effectively perform his/her roles.
It is Detrimental to the Economy
Discriminatory practices at the workplace affect the economy negatively regardless of the specific gains that may be realized by an organization that engages in such discrimination. Discrimination may result in relevant skills being disposed off. Such disposal may result in losing skills that would have contributed uniquely to the success of the organization. Some aged workers may have a great experience in the running of matters at the workplace which may not be the case with the young employees. In such situations age discrimination may result in organizations incurring economic losses. This in turn results in jobs being matched to workers in an inefficient manner and thus wastage of talents.
The participation of the elderly in activities at the workplace results in correct matching of jobs with workers which in turn increases the employment rate. A huge employment rate has a direct economic advantage for the government because it reduces the budgetary allocation that would have been targeted at the elderly, retired citizens. In addition the participation would spur competition among the employees which would then benefit the organization for it would cause an increase in productivity and hence quality. Read More
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Critical Thinking Argument Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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